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Monday, July 31, 2006

brokering a peace deal 

Gotim: i have a t-shirt that my sister gave me 2 months ago
it has some arabic writing
and reads Beirut 82' 40K marathon
i assume referencing israel's invasion of lebanon in 1982
it has some running shoes on it
and yesterday i read in the Times about some women in beirut saying
they all carry their passports in their pockets and wear running shoes
in case they need to leave their homes quickly
i haven't worn the shirt in the past 2 weeks

Saint: haha

Gotim: u know my friend phil?

Saint: do i?

Sent at 11:25 AM on Wednesday
Gotim: well he is half jewish
half lebanese
real lebanese though not like me
he's been to beirut
his dad has all his family there

he is insane
i can't really describe him, real new york accent, talks black, does ridiculous shit
anyway so he puts on my beirut t-shirt and takes a pic of himself on his camera phone
and is about to send a text message with the pic to this israeli girl we are friends with
i tackled him onto my couch and grabbing his phone to prevent an international incident


Friday, July 28, 2006

A Future That Might Actually Happen That Way 


As I said on Tuesday, progress can be frightening:

Planes, trains and automobiles.

Summertime and the living is easy.

Nothing weighing me down.

Architecture. Artifice. Impractical. Playful. Fancy.

Cast iron artwork in permanent ajar, foreign in its impracticality.

Hanging gardens and floating staircases.

Unique housing as an extension of your personality. Not just interior decorating but from the very foundations on up.

Things that don't have an obvious utility. Things that are less than practical but eye catching. Windows made of wood.

Dr. Seuss and Gaudi and some magic mushrooms.

Look at those trails.

Wasted space. Building out to sea rather than vertically.

Everything in its right place.

Child's play

None of that colonialist script. This is heart of darkness original Ethiopian graffiti.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

When You've Already Escalated to Infinity And Beyond... 

How can you issue reports from Jerusalem stating that you are not going to expand the Lebanese offensive?


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

An NBA team came to their senses... 

and surprising no one that team is not the NY Knicks. The Celtics signed undrafted rookie free agent, Kevin Pittsnogle to a contract. This guy was certifiable first round talent. He's like Brad Miller with more tattoos and better three point range. He was fierce in the Big East, the best conference in the NCAA.

This guy will be a solid pro.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The present is a scary place. 


Monday, July 24, 2006

A List of Things A-Rod is Not Responsible For... 

1) The Con Ed blackout
2) The High Price of Gasoline
3) Hezbollah's rocket attacks into Haifa

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Getting struck by lightening on a leap year while steering a paddle boat in Manitoba 

I was listening to WFAN and heard this promotion and just entered for a chance to win $25,000.

Baseball is back and WFAN is giving you two chances to win big! It's the Time Warner Cable Triple Play Contest and Time Warner Cable's Triple Play Tuesday Contest! Every game day during the 2006 baseball season WFAN and Time Warner Cable are giving you the chance to win $10,000 or $25,000 on Tuesdays!!! All you have to do is fill out the entry blank below and you will be entered in to BOTH contests. If the Mets turn a triple play during any game this season, one random contestant will win $10,000!!! and if the Mets or the Yankees turn a triple play on ANY TUESDAY this season, home or away, we'll select one contestant at random to win... $25,000!!!

Think of what you could do with $25,000 you could buy season tickets to the Mets and Yankees for the next 15 years...you could buy Time Warner Cable service with over 150 channels for the next 50 YEARS or you could just assure yourself that you'll have a great baseball season!

I'm not even sure a MLB team averages 1 triple play per year. I am sure there are 7 days in the week. So there is less than 1 in 7 chance that anyone will even be able to win this contest. If the Mets turn a triple play on Tuesday they give away $25,000. This is a huge company. This is a ridiculous scenario required to win $25,000.

With that said I entered the contest and I'm considering switching to Time Warner cable because they offer more HD channels than RCN.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Town Crier 

This video shows a non-threatening Hezbollah spokesman, in near pitch perfect English (complete with oxford shirt con khakis), taking CNN reporter, Nic Robertson, on a tour of the bombed out buildings in southern Lebanon.

CNN describes the video as:

"We will not surrender"
A defiant Hezbollah representative takes CNN's Nic Robertson on a tour of damage in Lebanon. (July 18)

Billiken's Bluff describes the video as:

"Shoot me (with the camera), shoot away"

An Arab-looking Patton Oswalt, speaking in nerdy alto voice, takes CNN on tour of southern Beirut.

I think this makes Hezbollah less threatening, more accessible. This isn't Bin Laden, turbaned in a cave, reading passages from the Koran, wagging his finger and waging jihad. This is a chubby dude in an oxford shirt who runs kind of funny. His voice cracks. He looks exasperated.

The point Patton was trying to make was that Israel air strikes hit all the wrong targets, they bombed restaurants, apartment buildings, not caches of weapons, and Hezbollah planning quarters. Maybe this is true, maybe not, it's unclear from the video. But this is besides my point. The world-wide jihadi movement has done an excellent job of branding themselves with a certain image - televised beheadings, militia men brandishing AK-47s, ski masks and faces wrapped. They have truly terrorized the world, western and eastern.

So it's good and all to have someone in Hezbollah who can communicate on a public relations level with CNN and show us varying points of view. But his whole manner of dress and presentation of speech takes away from the broader political/military movement he wants so badly to bring about. Something along the lines of this guy from the RNC in 2004:

Check it out.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Like a Million Elephants With Silver Back Orangutans 


No. No. Fuck this. Both you motherfuckers are crazy. I'm going to my car... get my other gun... come back... shoot everybody's ass.

Lay Down Your Pistolas 

It's like a small precise incision across the arm. A split second to take stock of what will inevitably follow.

But no matter how cognizant you are of the psychics of it.

This one begs for you to put on your most serious of faces.


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